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The World Of... (+watch)


Join Date: 05-27-2006
Last Online: 1 Week Ago
Reputation: 312

Biography: In a previous life I was a rock'n'roll star. Now I run the Waterden music label, I am a member of the 391 art/music collective and I've been known to do the odd bit of software development.

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If it ain't broke...
Posted on: Jun 10th 2010, 11:45am  2 comments

As most BioRUST regulars know, I've long been an advocate of Google. I (like many people, I suspect) have it set as my browser's home page. The Google homepage has always had a no-nonsense simplicity that has made it the perfect choice for such a function.

So it's been all the more annoying over the past few months to have the Google overlords foist one unwelcome "feature" after another on their loyal users without any consultation and - in many cases - no way of removing or opting-out from the offending change.

The unwanted "sidebar" was irritating, but not too difficult to ignore, even though, on a netbook or older laptop, it took up valuable screen real estate.

The "fade in" effect was even more annoying because, on top of it being irritating, it was utterly pointless - it added precisely nothing to the functionality of the Google home page. Fortunately for Firefox users, there is a [link] script that  [read more]
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  1. tony2fla
    05-10-2008 - permalink
    Hi Tamlin
    I received the picture the other day, arrived in perfect condition. I really appreciate it.
    I will have it framed next week and post a picture of it my office.
    Thanks again
  2. b00sk
    05-02-2008 - permalink
    Hi Tam, me again. I have (finally) sent my tutorial to m0g and it will hopefully get there ok. There is, however, anither matter. I tried to log on when BioRUST was own and m0g said he would appreciate some pennies as it cost him a few quid to get things back up and running, I've got my paypal stuff ready to go but i dont want them to go to the wrong person. Can you please confirm his e-mail address so i can get him a little 'somethin' somethin' for his efforts?


  3. Stangbo
    04-21-2008 - permalink
    Iv'e looked arround between the pictures I took the last two days. And it seems that sometimes the sky just is turkuos and sometimes blue. Maybe thet's the specilty for this isalnd. Allready 100 years all the artists came to Gotland because of the soft light conditions here. Ask Kenneth what he thinks.
  4. Raccoon
    04-07-2008 - permalink
    You are an amazing photographer Tamlin, I simlpy love your work
  5. b00sk
    04-04-2008 - permalink
    Thanks Tamlin. All I can say is that you know more about PS than I could ever hope to! I have a scanner at work and I'll see if I can get some of my mates work in here (in the 2D gallery of course).

    Thanks for the help!
  6. b00sk
    04-04-2008 - permalink
    Hi Tam, sorry to bother you. A friend of mine is a rather good pen and ink artist and is looking to add a section on his website (that another friend of mine is designing) that is like a 3D image of a room (so that you can use pointers to 'navigate' around). I know you have previously posted a fantastic panoramic image (made from several photos) and I was wondering if you could give me a few pointers to let me help him out with this issue - this would be a full 360(x) x 360(y) x 360 (z) degree image (Like you where in the center of the room and looking around).

    P.S. I know BioRUST is mainly for computer generated graphics and photography - but would it be OK for me to submit my friends' artwork (signed by him of course - I don't want to take credit for others' work!) to the gallery?

    PPS Sorry for the gross over-use of brackets.

    Kind regards

  7. mystdeeria
    04-02-2008 - permalink
    Tamlin thank you....I shall try it...Mystdeeria.....
  8. mystdeeria
    04-01-2008 - permalink
    Tamlin HI..... I can see by this page that your the one who knows your way around the stuff on Photoshop.... WEll I have a question???I got Photoshop free on Rapidshare.com..well most of the plugins... but I know there are more plugins to Photoshop....I recently got a copy of Photoshop ELEments 5 and I got this through having the Wacom pentablet. It came with it.... So... How do I get the filters shared here onto Photoshop ELEments 5....I know theres a way. I just havent found it yet....THanks much if you could reply to me it be great.....Mystdeeria...

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